Paul Charron Drums


I was first inspired to play drums at the age of 6 years old when our local church hosted a small startup drum corps. I remember my older brother and I went to check out this new group in the basement of the church building where they gave us these sticks that seemed to be larger than tree trunks and had some young guys showing us basic beats while we played on the old worn wooden stairs. The resonance of the large wood sticks on the hollow wood stairs really resonated inside of me and got me feeling the rhythms without even realizing what we were playing. This lasted for about six months and the corps ran out of money and volunteers. A year later I started taking lessons. My ever continuous growing enjoyment of learning and playing the drums grew through the middle school bands, high school concert and marching bands and the local guys playing out at different parties and clubs. I have found over time that playing drums or any musical instrument for that matter isn’t what you do, it’s a part of who you are and you can’t shake it, no matter how long you put it aside.

Over the last 38 years, I have learned from private teachers, drum corps pros and self motivated drive to practice over time, including teaching myself to play open handed, similar to Carter Beauford, as I found out later. I have also played in general business, jazz, rock and country bands and have been playing weekly in a modern Christian church for the past eight years. The diversity of music styles gives me the ability to jump in and play with nearly any style of musicians
with little rehearsal. Over my drumming journey, I’ve continued to enjoy playing and learning more and more and still look forward to many years of fun and priceless enjoyment. I always tell my students that playing an instrument is a lifelong journey, not a distant goal, and a personal gift that no one can take away from you.

Enjoy the ride and don’t ever stop playing and learning.