Paul Charron Drums

Student Review

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to share my recommendation for Paul Charron/PC Drums.  My son has been taking lessons with Paul for almost 7 months now, and the progress that he has made has definitely exceeded my expectations.

Paul has a love for the drums that is contagious.  My son, Colin, is always excited on “lesson day”, and even decided that, for his 9th birthday, he didn’t want a big party or any presents – other than a drum set.  He now has a set in his room , and his drum practice time is his solace.  He picks out the drums in every song that we listen to or hear on the radio, and educates the family on what is being played.

On more than one occasion, Colin has told me that he felt like I had only been gone for 5 minutes and that his lesson went by “so fast”.  His lessons are an hour long.  I think that speaks volumes – he loves being there.  I respect Paul for so many of his qualities and teaching abilities, but what I really love is how I feel he connects with his students based on their individual strengths.  He figures out what “clicks” for your child, and then teaches through that avenue.  I think that is amazing and something that is rarely seen.

I highly recommend Paul to anyone who is looking for drum lessons for their child, and am really looking forward to watching my  son continue to learn and grow through Paul’s instruction.




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